Mural Painting & Augmented Reality Installation
This is my first "official" artistic collaboration with my incredible wife, Amy Shackleton, who has made a name for herself all across the internet with her unbelievable drip painting technique. 15 million views later, we are finally realizing we can pursue opportunities together that fuse our two skillsets.
Why not start with an enormous 15m mural across three walls, and an AR experience that fills the entire room?
"Visual artist Amy Shackleton and digital artist Julian Brown’s installation combines a drip-painted mural with augmented reality. The artists immerse viewers within a flooded urban centre complete with floating digital icebergs. The work is informed by Shackleton’s photographs of climate-ravaged landscapes across Canada: burning forests, flooding lands, and melting glaciers. Inspired by this immediacy, she juxtaposes local architecture with Canadian geography to ask pressing questions about our future. Brown provides an augmented reality experience that extends Shackleton’s mural and immerses viewers in the environment. Looking through any device a digitally flooded exhibition space allows them to experience first-hand this climate catastrophe. Brown and Shackleton remind us that we are all playing with fire. Their work is a call for action and a stark prediction for Canadian environmental futures"
— Art Gallery of Northumberland

Episode 1

Making Of — Augmented Reality (one of many episodes on Amy's artistic process)

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