Episode 1

3 parts news, 1 part explainer, and a dash of animated GIF
Services: Scriptwriting, Design, Animation
Youth-run organization Apathy Is Boring started a new social media push to “make democracy digestible on bite at a time, with sh*t they should’ve taught us in school.” They launched with witty, edgy text-based carousel posts.
When they wanted to extend The Feed into video form, they reached out to me to help craft the scripts and find engaging visual metaphors to drive the episodes. Content ranged from dead serious (Racial Injustice & Decolonization) to just curious (Voting & Election Reform).
During the script stage, visual ideas are woven into the writing: Elections are like ordering a pizza, for example. Not dumbing-down the content, but instead, making it relatable. Working closely with the client, all visual ideas are approved at this text-only stage. The goal is to make sure every visual helps the audience understand, or further relate to, the content.
Sticking to Apathy’s bold non-political colour scheme, the motion design style keeps the energy high and the messaging direct. Most important, the videos are heavy on pop culture references and light on complex animation. Quick cuts. Plenty of GIFs. This keeps things refreshingly direct for the viewer, but also affordable and agile for the client. Episodes will be released over the coming weeks, the first two have performed well for the client with above average views and engagement.

Episode 2 - Decolonization

Creative Direction, Design/Animation: Julian Brown
Client: Apathy Is Boring | apathyisboring.com
Client Producer: Andrew Ng

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