Copyediting, Storyboarding, Design, Animation, Audio
Working in tandem with the team at UofT School of Cities, these two videos were created to highlight the Housing Crisis and push the conversation beyond the typical talk about 'supply.' 
SofC wanted to explore new ways to communicate its research findings and reach a broader audience. This topic has been covered extensively by news reports, but there was a great opportunity to create lasting visual images and striking metaphors that would stay with people.

Opening logo animation. Static brand Identity designed by Sali Tabacchi

Creative Direction, Design/Animation: Julian Brown
Voiceover: Adam Vaughan
Project Manager, SofC: Brenna Keatinge
Supervisor, SofC: Karen Chapple
Research, SofC: Ricardo Lopez-McDonald, Brenna Keatinge
Thought Leadership, SofC: Susannah Bunce, Alan Walks, Prentiss Dantzler, Adam Vaughan
Thanks to Ben Liu, Lara Muldoon, Ravisha Mall and Kim Graham & Associates
'The research that informed these videos was drawn from a wide variety of sources, including reports from CMHC, Statistics Canada, CIBC and The National Bank of Canada, as well as media reports and other relevant literature. 
We also spoke in detail with several recognized thought leaders on housing who are affiliated with the School of Cities, including Adam Vaughan, previous MP of Spadina-Fort York (2014-2021) and currently a Principal at Navigator Ltd., who also voiced the video; Alan Walks, Professor and Associate Chair of Geography, Geomatics and Environment at UTM; Susannah Bunce, Associate Professor in Human Geography at UTSC; and Prentiss Dantzler, Assistant Professor in Sociology at the St. George campus of the University of Toronto.'

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